Monday, June 23, 2008

As if working here wasn't painful enough...

So on Friday, rather than thinking about what delicious item I was going to order for dinner from 5 Napkin Burger*, rather than planning what new item I was going to knit this weekend, rather than scheduling a multitude of site visits for the coming week, I was busy getting this:

My skin does not naturally have that jaundiced glow

Yup. I got assaulted (accidently) by my boss with a broomstick. I feel like now I could be perfectly justified in quitting.

The knitting is going well though. My Hexacomb Cardigan (Rav Link)was finished this weekend and is currently drying. The Roped Shell (Rav Link) is also finished but will soon be ripped out so I can redo the back. The back is entirely too droopy, so I'm planning on decreasing for the armholes a bit more and then raising the back neckline. Unfortunately, that means a fair bit of reworking which will probably be excessively time consuming. Alas.

*I got the 5 Napkin Burger, natch. As well as a spicy melon margarita... I think I deserved it.

ETA: Here's some yarn to make it better eh?

That's Sundara Silk Lace in Granite Falls (Seasons 2.1: Winter) and Superwash Merino Sock yarn in Arabian Nights (Seasons 2.1: Fall). Yum!