Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gchat: It happened just now...

1:43 PM me: so um i started mildly freaking out last night b/c i haven't woven in the ends of dad's sweater and therefore have not washed it yet, have not started on tara and melissa's gifts
cousin danny and cousin jess are only half done
Jenn in DC: well christmas is a week away
me: and anthony's hat also needs the ends woven in
Jenn in DC: you should get a lene
me: lol yes
1:44 PM well i freaked out mainly b/c the sweater is gigantic and where will i block it at home w/o dad seeing it?
Jenn in DC: who's anthony?
me: jess and dan's younger brother
who is ryan's age
Jenn in DC: oh i didnt know they had one
block it at your house tonight
me: yes we frequently forget about him too
but i'm seeing them on saturday
i have love actually/indubitably cookie party tonight at kyra and tyler's*1:45 PM Jenn in DC: saturday two days from now?
me: yes
Jenn in DC: well when are you going to dad's house?
me: sunday
ryan is picking me up at my apt. on saturday to go to long island and then from there i go straight home
Jenn in DC: oh
yeah you have a problem
1:46 PM cant you just do it at his house in a room and tell him not to go in
me: i guess i can improvise at home in my room
but i will weave in ends when i get home tonight
Jenn in DC: so you need to find yourself an office and go knit right now**
me: i haven't been able to fall asleep before midnight all week anyway
i am not too worried about the other projects***
i will have a half day tomorrow
1:47 PM and i may skip a christmas party to stay home and knit all night
and block danny's scarf
and then i can finish jess' mitts in the car if need be
oh lordy
1:48 PM Jenn in DC: jesus
you're a mess
me: how did i get complacent???
thank GOD i didn't bake ten million cookies this year****
Jenn in DC: you thought you had this christmas thing licked
me: i did
i totally did
1:49 PM me: yes
sigh :(

* Love Actually/Indubitably Cookie Party (c): Party in which we watch Love Actually (not to be confused with Love Indubitably) the greatest Christmas movie of our time and bring cookies to eat and share. During which I will clearly not be eating cookies because I will frantically be working on Jess' gift.
** This is how Jenn gets her knitting done.
*** Yes, I am.
**** Just a batch of Sambuca Cookies, a batch of Ginger Spice Cookies, a batch of Black and White Cookies, and a batch of Florentines (which I am just this moment realizing, I sandwiched instead of leaving as described in the recipe, doh. No wonder I only have a limited number of them)... and a partridge in a pear tree.