Monday, January 26, 2009

Sock On!

I actually remembered to bring the camera to work with me today, so let's enter this one into the books as the first FO of 2009 (even though technically it's No. 2). I think my first FO of 2008 was also a pair of socks, so I'd like to keep that trend going! Sadly there was not enough of the silk garden sock yarn to make a pair of knee socks like I wanted. But the end product will still go nicely with my mid-calf boots. I wonder if I can block the heck out of them to get them a bit longer?

Here they are:

Pattern: 64 stitch toe up socks with a 2x1 rib. I did a short row heel for the first time which was just as quick and easy as everyone says and actually fit my feet pretty well despite some caveats I had heard out there. I added a few increases up the center of the back to fit around my rather shapely calves.

You can see that the socks are essentially the reverse of each other which I think is actually kind of fun, though I can see how it would drive some people nuts.

Piece o'cake! And actually I may start up another pair of socks soon since this pair went so well.