Friday, December 28, 2007

Open letter

Dear Gmail,

I love how when I open mail I get ads in the banner that reflect the content of the letter. Usually you're awesome and totally spot on. Like when I email Jenn from DC and talk about yarn and you remind me that I haven't checked out the Yarn Pirate shop in awhile. That is ever so helpful. Or when Lauren and I were trying to get rid of the bedbug infested roommate and you helpfully suggested exterminators. Thanks for that! But then today I noticed that you are suggesting I visit a site that has "awesome bearded dragons." Apparently these dragons also have brilliant color morphs and a health guarantee. I'm not entirely sure what prompted you to suggest the bearded dragons nor am I certain what I would do with one of these dragons (having read Harry Potter and all, it seems like they might be somewhat of a nuisance even with that health guarantee)*, but thanks for the heads up!

*Yes, I am aware that bearded dragons are actually lizards. This makes no difference to me because why the heck would I own any kind of reptile or amphibian?

Edited to add: Best one yet! I just opened a new years email from Jenn in NYC and now you're providing info on how to "Avoid the Dangerous Mistakes Women Make & Drive Away Mr. Right" Gmail, don't assume. It makes an ass of you.