Monday, December 10, 2007

So much new stuff to discuss

and I've left my camera at home with all the fabulous pictures.

So instead you get an awesome yarn pr0n shot of the delicious bit of silk lace that was waiting on my desk chair this morning:

It's my first Sundara Yarn from the Seasons Yarn Club. 1000 yards of silk laceweight in "Copper over Bamboo." I opted for the Autumn colors and I was just telling Soon-to-Be-Not-So-Blogless-Jenn-from-DC that what I really wanted was a beautiful deep/bright red... and what do I find when I open the box? Bingo! Sundara, you are fantastic. I think a lovely silk wrap is in my future :)

Good grief, I cannot stop petting this! So yummy.

Christmas knitting is progressing nicely. I'm churning stuff out like nobody's business and I plan on hitting M&J Trimming tomorrow for finishing touches. It helped that I was home sick on Thursday and continued to recuperate over the weekend by leaving the couch only when absolutely necessary (like when I made no pudge brownies, or shepherd's pie w/ leftover meatloaf. yum. I swear, I'm going to the gym today.)