Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't call me converted just yet...

I know that Clapotis has developed a rabid following, and while I think it's a good pattern, I'm not exactly wild about it. Truth be told, it's a bit boring, which is fine when mindless knitting is called for, but it was a bit of a let down when dropping those stitches was not as much fun as I had envisioned due to the stickier yarn I used.

I finished my mini-Clapotis a while ago but have been wavering over whether to block it or not. It's actually a decent scarf length as is, though I am curious how big it might get after a soak. As of now, I've decided I like it just fine. I ran out of yarn during the decreases (that'll teach me to eyeball it). But unblocked the ends curl under a bit so you never really notice. I'll just call it a design feature and have done with it because the yarn is lovely and I'm looking forward to having it shed all over my winter coat come fall. :)

Clapotis sets the mood... Hey, look! Doesn't my desk look neater?

Pattern: the ubiquitous Clapotis
Yarn: Brooks Farm Riata (Wool, Mohair and Silk) in unknown pale green "orphan" colorway
Yardage: Every bit of 375 yards
Bought at Rhinebeck.

I'm now starting to make some good progress through my Rhinebeck acquisitions. The Touch of Twist Alpaca was almost completely used for Enid. This takes care of the Brooks Farm (which I shall certainly be re-purchasing this year). The Briar Rose Celebrations is quickly being eaten up by the Brompton Cardigan (which I'm LOVING despite only being able to work on it at home since it's gotten large and I'm knitting from the hank). I've also spun up singles of the Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm wool roving and think I'll try Andean plying this weekend.

This leaves me with the Baby Alpaca lace from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm (above), and the sale Araucania Nature Wool as well as a considerable amount of fiber. I'm actually quite pleased with myself in that accomplishment but I have absolutely no clue what to do with the remaining yarn. I had considered Buttony for the nature wool, but it's quickly losing its appeal and I'd like a different sweater. As for the lace, I'm more than content to just pet it for the time being.

I also have quite a few projects waiting in the wings. As soon as I finish up Brompton and Picovoli, I'm planning on starting a summer Interweave Knits project. I've got the yarn ready for the Roped Shell, the Apres Surf Hoodie, and the Wallis Cardigan. But can't decide which I'm more excited by. As of now, I think it'll be the Roped Shell so I can get a colorwork fix, but who knows what mood will strike when the time comes to cast on.