Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On Moms and Making Things

I'm going home this weekend, which is good for several reasons but mainly for the travel knitting. Hopefully my father will respect my wishes about not being ready to meet his new ladyfriend and there will be minimal awkwardness on this weekend of all weekends.

Because this weekend's all about moms. And there have been a bunch of things that have caught my eye recently as wonderful things to make for Mother's Day. My mom's not around, but I know that if she was and I made these for her, she would totally love them and brag about them at work or take pictures and post them on her cube at work or on the fridge or on her blog (good lord, my mom would totally have a blog). Because that's what moms do, right? Maybe your mom would like them too!

Wouldn't your mom like some flowers for Mother's Day?

Perhaps you could make her a lovely pound cake? yum!

Or some adorable mug cozies for when you're sipping tea whilst eating tasty cake?

Moms love crazy stuff like that!