Monday, September 15, 2008

Back on Track

If the updated Starbucks menu is any indication, it's officially fall. And you know what that means! Tumultuous weather? Nasty political ads? No, silly! Knitwear!

I've finally photographed a bunch of projects that have been finished for ages but just haven't made it to the blog due to my own laziness. Part of me just felt silly blogging knitwear in 90 degree heat (though admittedly, August was pretty delightful).

Up first: Frock Camisole

Ignore the bra straps, I certainly try to. It's unblocked, but still serviceable as is, I'm not too bothered about any wonky gauge issues. It flares nicely and I added some length so it would hit at my hips (probably not too smart considering it's my widest part, but I cannot abide shirts that are too short).

Pattern: Frock Camisole by Katie Himmelberg
From: Interweave Knits Spring 2008
Yarn: Cascade Sierra Quatro (cotton/wool blend)
Size: 39 1/2 (weird, this is the size I have recorded in Ravelry, which is not at all the size listed on Knitting Daily... don't know what's up there, but I don't have access to my copy of Interweave)
Used: 3 Skeins for a whopping 573 yards

Next: Leah Tunic

This picture makes it look like the yarn's all stretched out, but I swear it's not. Click for big!

Pattern: Leah Tunic from the Purl Bee
Yarn: Bristol Yarn Gallery Lyndon Hill (fingering weight cotton and silk blend)
Size: Medium
Used: 4 skeins (approx. 870 yards)

This bad boy has been in my queue since it came out last summer and I'm so glad that I finally got around to knitting it. I have quite the penchant for large projects on tiny needles (see: Enid Cardigan, Venezia, etc.) and this one used needles just as tiny, but luckily without the need for pesky details like sleeves or seaming. I love this shirt not least because it also has plenty of length (being a tunic and all) as is my general preference (see: Frock Camisole above). It made its inaugural appearance at the Bon Jovi Central Park concert pre-All Star Game and has been well-worn and well-loved this summer.

The yarn is simply amazing; cannot say enough good things about it. In fact, I'm using it in green for my Apres Surf Hoodie and am loving it there as well.

Not to forget: Fir Cone Stole

This was a quick project I wanted to whip up to use this really beautiful yarn. I've since used the Malabrigo Silky Merino, and though I love Malabrigo Worsted and prefer it over Manos, the Manos Silky Merino is far superior to Malabrigo IMO. Though they're both DK weight, the Manos feels much more consistent and substantial. Plus I didn't have a problem with the yarn losing its twist like I did with the Malabrigo (trust me this was very inconvenient as I was attempting to bind off). It really shows off the stitch pattern beautifully:

I love the fir cone shetland pattern (as used in the Shetland Triangle) but really have no need for another triangular shawl, I think stoles are much more serviceable. This one blocked out really nicely despite my initial concerns that I might not have enough yardage for it to be functional. The pattern is mine but using the Fir Cone and Horseshoe lace patterns from Barbara Walker's Treasury.

Pattern: Mine
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Silky Merino
Used: 3 skeins
Length: about 5 feet (heavily blocked)

There have been other projects including two that I just finished yesterday and have yet to photograph. One is the February Lady Sweater and the other a cowl for my meetup group swap in the aforementioned malabrigo silky merino. Perhaps in an effort to get the subpar taste of that yarn out of my mouth, I'm casting on for another cowl tonight with the always pleasing Malabrigo Worsted in Azul Profundo, perhaps my favorite color ever. *sigh*

This was a spur of the moment project, only because I had nothing ready to go this morning when I left for work. I'll probably wind up my green malabrigo for the drops jacket when I get home from the Inwood knitting group tonight. :) Hooray for Fall knitting! I'm hoping to have it done for Rhinebeck since Knitter Jenn from DC and I will be going for both Saturday and Sunday this year. Which means we'll be able to attend the Ravelry party this year after missing it last time.