Friday, September 26, 2008

To Do List

I've been out of the office all week working outside which meant no internet, which means I'm unbelievably behind (in my blog reading). So today involved a real effort to catch up on all the stuff I missed (over 400 bloglines posts) Here's some of the coolest food related blog posts I've come across this week. The weekend can't come soon enough so I can get cracking!

Muffin Mix

Chai Mix
5 Minute Chocolate Cake

I finished a slew of projects this weekend but of course neglected to upload the shots from my camera. I also cast on the ubiquitous Drops Jacket (in more Malabrigo) and I'm trying to decide whether I'll wear it or the (equally ubiquitous) February Lady Sweater to Rhinebeck. Oh wait, I'm going both days! One for each I guess, they're pretty much the same color green which I think is hysterical.