Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So lest anyone doubt my fandom, I'll describe my day yesterday.

I woke up early. I called out sick. I packed my bag. I took the train. I walked the wrong way. I met my brother. I staked out a spot. And I watched a parade.

2-5-08 032

My only beefs with these tickertape parades is the fact that they space out the floats with the players way too much and there are huge stretches with nothing going on. Also the thousands of people who show up late and think they have a right to knock everyone who got up early out of the way, even when those people are leaving (let me leave and there will be more room for you!) to go to the after-party at Giants Stadium.

2-5-08 080
We left at about noon after Eli and Strahan et al went by with the Lombardi trophy. We made a train back to Jersey and got to listen to most of the speeches and the presentation of the keys on the FAN as we drove to the stadium. The only thing I wish I had seen was Strahan "stomping them out" (but more on that later).

I ate White Castle for the first time in god-only-knows how long. And let me tell you, as much as I loathe fast food, there was something about those deliciously greasy burgers that perfectly capped off an awesome morning. The vibe at the stadium was incredible. The lower tier and mezzanine facing the stage were totally full and then there were people up in the upper tier. Nowhere near as many as show up for a game but it felt like it was a million times louder (possibly due to the lack of opposing team fans that can be so prevalent at games.) I enjoyed this because it was dry and with less danger of being crushed. ;)

2-5-08 063

So now in an homage to Peter King, the entertaining sportswriter and lover of caffeine and New Jersey, I give you the Ten Things I Think I Think:

-Michael Strahan, contrary to some sports radio hosts' complaints (and my Uncle Timmy), was not saying that they "stomped the Patriots." Although that is in fact what he said. The context of that stomping was allowing the fans inside the defensive huddle, or the "Family Circle" as he calls it, before the game. And letting them hear and experience what the defense does to psych itself up. Personally I think it's great.

-But yes, the Patriots handled the loss well as a team. And I'm not ready to scream about Belichick walking off the field. I rewatched the game last night and the clock definitely ran down to 0:00, so I'll let it slide.

-I am willing to reserve judgement on the whole Spygate scandal until more facts come out because it really looks like people had no idea what the story was before they started decrying Arlen Specter for what looked like political grandstanding. It's just a shame that, if the taping of the Rams prior to Superbowl 36 did in fact take place, Belichick didn't have enough faith in the ability of his team to handle them without resorting to dirty tactics.

-I did not knit during the Superbowl, which is probably for the best since I would have been incapable of following a pattern. God-only-knows what aberration my needles would've produced.

-Bloomberg clearly doesn't listen to WFAN if he's calling Bob Papa "Bob Popper" But then again, I guess he has his own radio station to listen to.

-Cousin Kevin will be getting a phone call from me in the near future. Pack attack, indeed! Not that I was ever one to gloat.

-Mike Carey is an awesome referee. I especially enjoyed the flair he added when gesturing to explain which down it was.

Especially graceful when calling "Second down."

-The Scramble and The Catch was just amazing. I still can't believe Eli got out of there and managed to get the ball off. Or that Tyree was able to hold on.

-"We're only going to score 17? What? Is Plax playing defense?"

-8 days until pitchers and catchers report.