Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Messy Tuesday

Today's Messy Tuesday post is all about the stash. I got a bit overwhelmed this weekend just looking at it. It's getting a bit out of control and taking on Blob-like tendencies. First, everything was neatly placed in bins on my bookcase and a larger bin on the floor. Then a few straggler cakes sat on top of my books, you know, for display purposes.

Then the Rhinebeck stuff was stored in a space bag.

Then I noticed it was a bag by my armchair. That bag became two. Then three, then four, now five.

Not to mention my desk:

You've seen my desk at work but honestly, it's got nothing on my desk at home. There are numerous skeins mixed in there with bills, patterns, and unread magazines. I think there might be a laptop under there somewhere. I drove myself nuts this morning trying to find a tape measure in there.

And while I get that Messy Tuesday is about "appreciating" the messiness that is our lives, I would like to be a bit more organized. So that when I'm searching for size 4 needles, it doesn't require upending everything in my room.

Oh yeah, and there's also the rehabilitated yarn hanging from my shoe organizer. I could probably stick a few random skeins in those shoe pockets as well.

The stash is taking over!