Monday, November 12, 2007

The Ballad of Lady E

I was on a quest.

I climbed the highest mountain.

Braved the darkest forest.

Battled the white knight.

Crossed the drawbridge over the moat.

Reached the castle.

And climbed the crenellated fortifications of the tallest tower.

Where I rescued the fair Lady Eleanor.

Actually I took a walk in Ft. Tryon park on a beautiful autumn day when the leaves were just starting to turn, but whatever. Anyways... it feels so wonderful to finish a big project. Especially when it's something as pretty as Lady Eleanor.

Lady Eleanor by Kathleen Power Johnson
From Scarf Style
Yarn: Patons Soy Wool Stripes (SWS)
Colorway: Natural Earth
Used: 11 skeins with a minimum left over after fringe

Started August 2007 (Sometime between August 16th and August 23rd).
Finished October 26th 2007

Finished Dimensions (blocked): 84 x 29 in.

I finished the knitting during Game 1 of the World Series (Boston Sux!). And proceeded to steam block during Game 2. This was my first time steam blocking as opposed to wet blocking. I have to admit, it was kind of mind boggling just how big this project turned out. Friday night, I learned to crochet (ha!) and added the fringe (as if this stole needs to be any longer!) so that I sat watching the last two games swaddled on the couch. It was the only thing that could raise my spirits in the face of such horrors.

I didn't block it as much as I could have and let it shrink back a bit because it was really getting out of hand in terms of length. Right now I can drape it over my shoulders and the fringe drags on the floor on both sides. So yeah, it's long (and I'm short).

I learned to knit backwards for this project and it made my work so much easier, especially with all that subway knitting. And I have to say that so far this has been the most commented on project I've knit on the subway. I've had countless people admire it and everyone seems to think it's some sort of impossibly complicated project when entrelac is really unbelievably easy once you get the hang of it. I could knit it forever. :)

I found many other projects knit with the Patons SWS on Ravelry and really loved the way they turned out. The colors change subtly enough to make the squares really blend nicely but at the same time they stand out really well. And the jewel tones of the Natural Earth colorway are really beautiful. I think I may like it more than most of the Noro Silk Garden versions. But I'll be tempted to maybe do a scarf with the Noro in the future.

All in all, two very enthusiastic thumbs up for this knit.

(And yeah, I have no idea what that big plywood cut out of a guy on a horse is doing in the middle of Ft. Tryon. Are they putting in a new equestrian statue or something? Bizarre.)