Monday, November 19, 2007

I Heart NJ

I'm commuting into work from NJ (the motherland) this week and despite the snow showers this morning, I'm so pumped.

I love you, New Jersey.

You are great. Has anyone ever told you that?

Because it's true.

This means that every night I have the prospect of not having to cook/reheat my own dinner (Dad does it for me! Three cheers for Dad!) And then I get to wake up and look out my childhood bedroom window and see this:

That is literally the view I get when I wake up.
Can't be beat unless it's January and crappy out.

In addition to this bliss, I've decided that I would enjoy being BFF with Mindy Kaling. You may know her as Kelly on The Office. But she's a damn funny person with great taste and stuff. Which is why I spent all day reading her blog instead of doing work that annoys me.