Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Next Selfish Knitting?

Yes, it's approaching holiday time.

Yes, I have lots of gifts yet to knit.

Yes, I know I typically only knit for myself.

But wouldn't it be nice to have something started that I can work on while I'm home for the holidays that's just for me? Yeah, that's what I thought.

So in the spirit of giving (to myself) I'm setting up a poll over yonder >>>

We're only a year away from the presidential election, so let's flex our voting muscles!
Allow me to introduce you to the contestants:

1. Enid Yoked Pullover: She's a no-nonsense girl with those miles of stockinette stitch, but that colorwork yoke gives just a hint of her soft romantic side. She says "My life's ambition is to alphabetize everything in the Library of Congress... and own my own organic bakery."

2. Buttony Cardigan: If this cardigan was a high schooler, she would totally be the rebel artsy chick with blue streaks in her hair. She says "Buttons down the center? Hah! That's so bourgeois!" (the pic on that link is not so great, but my favorite version, in the yarn I'll use is here.)

3. EZ's Open Collar Pullover: Plain Jane? I say thee nay! This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern after all and once she's all dolled up in some Briar Rose Celebration wool/bamboo blend you'll think: Brains and beauty? She's quite a contender. She says "Cogito ergo sum. Now let's go paint our nails."

You will notice that the 3 lovely contestants have one thing in common: they're all sweaters. I think that's due to the fact that it's frakkin cold in my office and even though I'm currently wearing a turtleneck, a wrap, and fingerless mitts, I'm still freezing. Thoughts of sweaters make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so a sweater I must have.

Some more info to help you make your decisions: Enid would be done in black alpaca with some yet to be decided colors possibly in Berroco ultra alpaca light. Buttony would be done in light blue Araucania Nature Wool. And the Open Collar Pullover would be in a red/pink Briar Rose Celebration (wool/bamboo). All yarns I picked up at Rhinebeck.

Voting will be going on for 1 week. At which point I won't be able to resist casting on for something... anything. Make your vote count!