Monday, November 5, 2007

Kodak Z710, you were so good to me

So I'm currently without a camera. It's a very sad state of affairs because it is solely due to my carelessness. I overpacked my purse on Halloween and while digging for my wallet to pay the very nice cab driver who drove me home in all my blue-wigged glory, the camera was taken out of the bag and never put back in. But I managed to remember the $20 butterfly wings. So there's that. At least I didn't leave my keys in the cab. Because that's definitely the kind of thing I would do.

I've ordered a new camera from Kodak because I simply love(d) my camera and it's not sold in stores anymore. The latest generation is black instead of the snazzy silver one I had. I just hope that whoever has it now treats it with the love and respect it deserves (and enjoys the pictures of me and Kyra dressed as butterflies).

It's amazing to me how the minute I am without a camera I suddenly see tons of things I want to photograph: beautiful tree bark, an awesome sunset, hysterical mis-printed store awnings.

So I obviously did not have an opportunity to photograph Lady E this weekend. Instead, I made some progress on the Christmas gifts front, spun some very inconsistent yarn on my spindle (practice, practice, practice), and wrote my conference paper (which was due Thursday, but who's counting?). I also watched Transformers. That was awesome.