Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Links of the Day

Because that's what blogs are all about, right? I'll try to prep for an image-heavy post next time. :)

  • On the end of an era? I will miss Joe Torre. Stupid Steinbrenner
    "Steinbrenner probably thought – if he was still awake – they would be hissing, furious at another missed opportunity, thirsty for blood. But fans are smarter than that. They knew, if Torre does leave, that they were seeing the end of something that was beautiful to them. Torre had not failed them, and neither had Rodriguez, or Jeter, or even Wang. Sometimes, in baseball, you lose."
  • Beaujolais wines are making a comeback. Mmmmm. PJ's here I come!
  • Not your typical E-Cards.
  • An awesome hat that may overcome my current apathy towards cabled knitting.
  • On the celebrity gossip front, who believes her for a second? Furthermore, I am perplexed by the whole "making coffee for the gym" chore. Next to the water fountain there's a Mr. Coffee? Who wants to bet it was one of those fancy pod coffee makers?