Monday, October 1, 2007

Secret Pal Contest #2

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1. Reynolds Garden Tweed, 2. Caron One Pound, 3. Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome, 4. Debbie Bliss SoHo, 5. Malabrigo Laceweight Emerald, 6. Cherry Tree Hill (unknown), 7. Boston Stash, 8. Malbrigo lace weight Emerald, 9. Patons SWS - Natural Earth, 10. Tofutsi Sock Yarn, 11. Handmaiden Sea Silk Rose Garden, 12. Knit Picks Palette Ivy, 13. Knit Picks Palette Green, 14. Knit Picks Palette Lemon, 15. Yarn Pirate Sierra, 16. Koigu, 17. superwash wool cone, 18. wool ease green, 19. cascade 220 wool (2), 20. Cascade 220 (1), 21. Knit Picks Grass, 22. Knit Picks Memories Cape Cod, 23. Knit Picks Calypso Heather, 24. Knit Picks Hyacinth, 25. Knit Picks Lemon, 26. harrisville new england shetland, 27. classic elite princess, 28. LL shepherd worsted icehouse, 29. LL shepherd worsted cranberry, 30. rowan scottish tweed chunky

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My hostess, Shelby, posted a new contest asking to see our stash, so I decided to have a little fun with this one. I have never done a flickr mosaic before so this was an entertaining exercise today once I got back from a site visit to the "Spinning House" (unfortunately they spun rope there, not yarn, way back when and it's currently an abandoned building inhabited only by pigeons, but cool nonetheless). Now granted most of these pics are just the single skein shot I took for the Ravelry "headshots" but I think you get the gist of it. :)