Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pics and FOs

I completed the Charade socks last week but waited forever to photograph because they were way too big. Luckily I learned on Ravelry that Koigu tends to shrink a bit when machine washed as socks. Just in case, I put them in a delicates bag and they turned out really nice. Still a bit big, but what can you do. This has just confirmed for me that I prefer knitting socks toe-up rather than cuff down. I was also a bit irritated that I had so much of my two skeins left over. If this was toe up, I could've just had taller socks and that would've been fine.

Charade by Sandra Park
Knit using Koigu KPM in Colorway 2329
Less than 2 skeins (grrr)

They're cute though. I enjoyed the pattern. It was just mindless enough without being boring to be good subway knitting. Experimenting on the 2 circs was also interesting, although I think I'm going to invest in some long KnitPicks circs to do the magic loop method instead.

This weekend was full of knitting and knitwear. I had a sit'n'knit meetup in Central Park on Sunday and I wore my Tilted Duster and made some major progress on Lady Eleanor. Marina was nice enough to take pictures of me in Big Red.

Is that what I really look like from behind?

And besides my little photoshoot, there were random people (tourists?) filming our group knitting. I can just imagine the things they'll tell their friends when they get home...

You'd never believe the crazy things I saw on my vacation in New York City. There was this naked cowboy in Times Square playing a guitar. Well he wasn't really naked, just in his underwear. But then! There were these women who got together in a big circle in the middle of the park and were playing with sticks and string. It was bizarre! Don't believe me? Look I have it on video!

So yes that was interesting. But my pics look great. I can't wait to wear Big Red to Rhinebeck on Saturday.