Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sports Links and TV Thoughts

It's almost enough to make me want to be a Dodgers Fan.

A-Rod: What a jerk.

Holy crap. (Video link) I enjoyed watching this last night with the guy on the recumbent bike next to mine at the gym.

I'm so disappointed in Heroes this season. It seems like every plotline is either a) incredibly boring and/or b) a complete rehash of a story from last season. BOR-ING. Claire takes on a bitchy cheerleader? Been there, done that. NYC as scene of apocalypse? Wow, seems horribly familiar (and cliche). Mohinder having no personality and being the dupe of every other character? Way to evolve a character there, Writers.

I just don't understand how a show can consistently have NO COMMON SENSE and expect us to be interested.

Thank GOD for Chuck and How I Met Your Mother. That Hot/Crazy Scale from last week was priceless and now I really have a hankering for "Kobe lobster: lobsters that have been fed Kobe beef."