Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall TV means more TV Knitting

I can't even begin to describe my excitement about the return of the Fall TV season. As if I needed to spend more time sitting on my couch, I've tried to be very selective in which shows I watch this year. That means that some of them just didn't make the cut (I'm talking to you, Grey's Anatomy!), while I'm giving some new shows a trial run at making it into the rotation. I'm really excited about Mondays and have a feeling that will be my go-to TV night. Heroes = Awesome. Chuck = Adorkable. I just need to make sure I don't turn into a total couch potato and get out a bit more. At least until Lost comes back in early 2008.

Speaking of couches, my new living room set arrives tomorrow, a purchase made easier by the raise I got last week. Woo!

Also, I've got some nifty Ravelry progress bars over --> in the sidebar. Unfortunately they only seem to work in Firefox. No idea why IE isn't cooperating. :( Update: They seem to be working ok now after I've fiddled with them a bit.

TV Update: Private Practice was horrible. No more Shonda Rimes shows for me. It's a shame, because I really wanted to like it based solely on the actors in the cast. Dirty Sexy Money however is fantastic. I recorded Ugly Betty and CSI last night and watched The Office. I love PB & J! Squee!

I had no idea the fact that the fall TV season is back could make me so unbelievably happy, but it has. :)

Knitting Update: I resumed work on the Blaze sweater last week and frogged the sleeve I started previously. I went down a size because it was clear that the sleeve was going to be gigantic. I'm still worried about the body being too big, but I can deal with that more easily than if the sleeves are huge.

I also cast on my first pair of cuff-down socks. I'm using my Koigu for the Charade pattern by Sandra Park. I'm using 2 US size 3 circular needles. I recently sharpened the points on these bamboo needles using an emery board and it's made it much easier (although slightly more dangerous) knitting.