Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rhinebeck Plans

Less than a month until Rhinebeck and I'm kind of freaking out (squee!). And it's not because I spent a hefty chunk of change on yarn in Boston (well, not entirely because of that). I'm getting a bit overwhelmed at the coordination and organization that so many people put into it. Over at the Rhinebeck!!! Ravelry Group, there's thread after thread discussing vendors on the must-see list, things to keep in mind especially for first-timers, meet-up plans, carpooling, you name it.

I'm trying to tell myself to take deep cleansing breaths.

I'm only going on Saturday which immediately limits the amount of time I will have, but let's be real here, I do NOT need to spend two days buying yarn and assorted yarn related goodies. (Plus, I'm going to see Pygmalion with Angela Chase... uh, I mean, Claire Danes on Sunday the 21st).

I was considering doing Rhinebeck Blogger Bingo, but decided that 1) I want to focus on the festival, so playing is out and 2) C'mon now! I'm new to blogging so I seriously doubt that anyone there is going to have a clue who I am (or care), so being a square is out. Maybe the next time I go, I'll give it a whirl, but this first time around I think I'm going to have enough on my mind.

I wish it was October already!!!

I spent yesterday knitting, organizing my new yarn stash, prepping a secret pal package for shipping, watching the Irish and Yankees lose. I took new pics of the stash additions, but completely forgot to upload to Flickr. So here's a shot of Lady Eleanor to tide you over. She's pretty.

I'll be at Giants Stadium today with my brothers (how nice of them to let me go to a game when it's not negative 20 degrees with 50 mph wind gusts). Go G-Men!