Friday, June 8, 2007

A snag

So last night in my infinite wisdom, I wound up leaving my keys at work. Happens to everyone, you say? Well, this is the second time in two weeks. So thank goodness I'm not average. Naturally my roommate, having a life, was not home which meant I had to make a trek back to work to pick up the keys. Luckily most of the people I work with are workaholics so someone was actually there to let me in.

This of course meant that I didn't get nearly as much done as I would've liked and that included photographing my projects. This was, however, not entirely my fault. My camera batteries weren't fully charged so I only got about ten pictures taken before the camera decided that it would much rather take a nap. (I was jealous) This also meant that I caved and rewarded myself with some ice cream (frozen yogurt actually, but saying ice cream just makes me feel like I got a treat).

All was not lost however! Prior to getting on the subway for the first time. I stopped at Design Partners and picked up some cheap dpns for the sleeves on Blaze. Because I finally got to the point where I can start the sleeves! So I got to spend three 45min trips on the A train knitting sleeves. Very exciting. Look at those lovely zig zags.

I am however a little concerned that the body looks a bit like a tent:

I'm knitting it in Classic Elite Princess which is a really fun yarn. I love the feel of it and it has great stitch definition.