Monday, March 3, 2008

Bring on the Spring!

It's a positively balmy 55 degrees outside which has been giving me pleasant thoughts of warm breezes, blossoming flowers, lazy strolls through the park... and spring cleaning.

In that mindset, I've made some changes to the sidebar content over yonder --> primarily where it concerns my foolhardy goals for 2008. Never fear, this rejiggering* is only a minor matter of shifting the finish dates for Juno and Venezia to April and bumping up the April projects to March (which is actually pretty nice because I've already cast on for a bag). I've also made May the month of a Clapotis (clap-OH-tee) and a Tee (hee hee!). I decided Picovoli is probably not the one I want to do, and instead I might try Wicked or Green Gable.

The not-quite-spring cleaning has also extended to UFO pile.

You may remember Blaze? Well, go ahead and forget about her because she is no more. I frogged the whole thing and rescued the beautiful Classic Elite Princess yarn from what would've been an unworn and unloved FO if ever it reached FO status. It's better this way, trust me. I soaked the yarn to get rid of the crimps and then wound it into balls so that it'll soon be ready to make something really pretty, like Norah Gaughan's Nantucket Jacket. The yarn really showed beautiful stitch definition so I think on something cabled and lovely like that it'll be really gorgeous. And hopefully it'll give me more opportunity to practice cables without cable needles. And hopefully it'll look less like a tent.

In further springlike thoughts, we have this yarn pr0n courtesy of a completely awesome birthday present by Knitter Jenn in NY.

It's Brooklyn Handspun Signature Superwash Sock Yarn in Devino Green. If that isn't the most springlike thing ever, I don't know what is.

In knitting news, I managed to create a pretty stubborn tangle in my Sundara Silk Lace on Juno, which made me put it aside over the weekend rather than actually deal with the fact that I may have to do some cutting. Ironic, no? Given the number of steeked projects I have. I'll also have some FO pics to post later this week, but I'm dying for a huge order of Malabrigo and another of Lorna's Laces to finally show up at Yarntopia so I can finally cast on for some eagerly anticipated projects.

*please tell me I'm not the only one who giggles uncontrollably just looking at that word.