Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008: Start Your Engines

Happy New Year One and All!

Ok I know in an earlier post I said my plan for the new year would involve no added pressure and I know this is just asking for trouble, but you know what a sucker I am for lists. This one just happens to be in a monthly schedule format:

January: Finish Enid Cardigan and Start Venezia Sweater and Juno Regina
February: Continue Venezia and Juno Regina. Start St. Patty's Day Hat.
March: Finish Venezia Sweater and Juno Regina
April: Shrug and a bag
May: Picovoli, Clapotis
June: Open Collar Pullover
July: Have 3 pairs of socks completed
August: Start a gift sweater and Rhinebeck garment
September: Buttony
October: Have 5 pairs of socks completed, decide on unisex Holiday Gift
November: Finish gift sweater
December: Finish unisex Holiday Gifts and Start something for Me

This isn't to say these will be the only projects I'll work on. But these are ones I would definitely like to accomplish. I'll post this in the side bar soon so that I can at least try and keep myself honest. I'll be doing some blog cleanup as well. A note about the big projects that are front loaded in this schedule: Venezia is my planned project for a knit-a-long and Juno Regina will satisfy my desire for more lace (and silk lace at that! It'll be my first Sundara Yarn project.)

Looking at this list I know it seems like I'm going for quantity over quality, but a lot of these projects are ones I've wanted to do for a while. And maybe I'm setting myself up for failure, but the nice thing about my schedule is that there aren't really deadlines. Only gifts need to be done within a certain timeframe and even then, I'm not going to kill myself if I can't finish on time. But I need a bit of a challenge this year.

The sock quota is solely a stash-busting goal. I'd like to use up at least 7 skeins of sock yarn this year (Currently have 12 in stash: soon to be 10). And not necessarily everything will be socks (but I admit I'm having fun with the ribbed socks currently on the needles). In addition I'd like to get better at spinning, so spinning up some Rhinebeck fiber is one of my major goals. This also means I'll have to get crafty, because I really want to make my own Lazy Kate so I can ply the yarns.

For those non-knitters, don't worry! Not all of my goals/resolutions are knitting-based! And they are all nicely illustrated by several New Years ecards from Someecards. I love this site so much. It's most definitely my go-to source for atypical ecards. Anyways... In 2008 I plan to:

Eat in more neighborhood restaurants

My experiences in the neighborhood have been pretty consistently good. I really have no excuse for patronizing them more often.

Eat more veggies

I plan on stocking up at the Inwood green market more often too, although I realize that for the time-being I'm doomed to ingest large quantities of starch products.

Get out more

This is mainly so I can tell grandma I've met a nice boy and she can stop with the not-so-subtle hints that if I'm not married by February 20th I'm an inadequate human being. This is because she was married when she turned 27 and therefore all women must marry by 27 or be termed spinsters. I think spinster doesn't sound half bad. There will be spinning? Will I be provided with a wheel or do I need to bring my own?

Maintain gym plan

Self-explanatory. But I have no excuse especially since I'm no longer being ridiculously overcharged.

Follow through on travel plans

LMK (Lady Miss Kyra) and I have been talking about taking a trip forever. First it was going to be San Fran. Maybe Seattle? Then possibly London and Paris! Oooh what about Chicago, I've never been there. Possibly a cruise down the Nile? At this point, it's been enough talk. I'm going somewhere fun this year.

Try to do more than point and shoot with the camera

I love my camera. So it's a pity I really only know how to point and click. I really want to improve my photographs. And that also means taking more pictures of interesting stuff.

I hope your holiday season was filled with fun and good cheer. Feel free to send some e-cards to that special person on your list. :)