Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This is quite possibly the most beautiful yarn in the world. So is it any wonder I abandoned all other projects in favor of this one?

And now I have an absolutely amazing shawl.

Pattern: Kiri by Polly Outhwaite (Rav link)
Yarn: Sundara Yarns Fingering Silky Merino (50% silk, 50% merino wool)
Color: Autumn Rose from Seasons Yarn Club
Yardage: Approx. 500yds

I did 14 repeats of the lace chart. And ran out of yarn before I was finished binding off. This meant I had to go back and frog 2 rows of the edging so I'd have enough left. I didn't want any of this yarn to go to waste! It's seriously the most beautiful thing I've worked with. So soft and with a totally beautiful sheen from the silk.

Last week Sundara opened up the club for the next round of signups and I'll confess I signed up for two seasons this go round, Autumn and Winter. I've been so pleased with the colors she's come up with and the base yarns themselves that I really can't get enough. It didn't help that the Webs Anniversary Sale started on the same day. I just spent a hefty portion of my tax rebate resuscitating the fiber arts economy. :) At least I know it's going to a good cause. And it's something that'll keep me warm...

This is my most recent project. A Drops Design cardigan (Rav link) in Cascade 220. It's totally flying by. I'm hoping to have the sleeves started tonight. I'm hoping to have plenty of time to wear it before things warm up too much.