Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Next please...

So now that spring has officially arrived, I think I'm ready for fall. It's not that I'm not happy about the arrival of warmer weather, I'm just dreading the arrival of even warmer weather and all that entails.

It's currently time for the annual sale at Webs, which means lots of worsted and bulky wool purchases. Not exactly summer fare and it only makes me long for fall. As evidenced by the proliferation of cardigan projects I've started.

This got me thinking that summer has lost its cachet for me. It's really only fun when you're a kid when the gross parts of summer never really bother you. Gross parts such as:

1. Getting sweaty on that 5 minute walk to/from the subway.
2. Standing next to sweaty/smelly people on the subway.
3. Not being ready for bathing suit season.
4. Working and sweating outdoors in a cemetery which means you get unbelievably filthy dirty but still manage to get sunburnt through the thick armor-like layer composed of sweat, sunblock, and mud. (OK, maybe that one is just me)

I'm already dreading all of these things. Am I forgetting the awesome parts of summer? Like laying on a beach (preferably deserted so that #3 doesn't bother me?), dining alfresco with some refreshing beverages, BBQs, reading a book while swaying in a hammock... yeah, probably. But it feels like most of these things would require me to not be here in the city.

Truth is, I'm considering what my life would be like if I didn't live in Manhattan. What would I miss? What would I be grateful to do without? Without a beach house to escape to this summer, I'm realizing just how little I enjoy summer in the city. By all means, persuade me that I'm wrong. I'd welcome it. Remind me of the things that I would miss if I wasn't here.