Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2 True Things and 1 False

1. Enid is almost ready for steeking.
2. I'm totally ready for my presentation tomorrow at the paint research conference.
3. I have not cast on for the Venezia Pullover.

Can you guess which one of those statements is false? Because I'm certainly in denial about it.

It's true. Enid is almost ready for steeking.

I picked up a small crochet hook on my way back to the office this afternoon (after a fascinating site visit to a townhouse on the UES which served to confirm my belief that I would be the best rich person ever). But I plan on crocheting the steek edges just as soon as I finish the bottom hem. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until after I do my presentation for the conference tomorrow. Nothing like leaving things til the last minute, eh Jen?

But that means I've been good and I haven't cast on for Venezia. Hopefully I won't decide in a fit of last minute procrastination tonight that it sounds like a good idea.

I'm excited for the conference but also concerned that these international paint researchers will find my presentation a) boring or -worse- b) common knowledge. Luckily, I'll only be a few blocks from Yarntopia so if it's a total snoozefest I can head over there on my breaks and get a knitting fix instead of making polite conversation with total strangers.

Ok. Off to gather images and write about the infiltration of the Modernist decorating aesthetic into commercial paint catalogs in the 1930s!