Monday, January 14, 2008


Ok I know I said several months ago that I had the best weekend ever, but I was wrong. This weekend totally topped it in terms of scope and diversity of enjoyment. I had a delicious dinner on Friday night at Community Food (& Juice) followed by a delicious brunch (French Toast, carmelized bananas and white rum caramel? hell yes!) the next day at The Smith with some energy expended strolling around the East and West Village and browsing at The Strand. There was football and knitting and I was simply flying through the colorwork on Enid. It was unbelievably enjoyable.

Then Sunday dawned and I was out of bed early for a matinee of There Will Be Blood. I really should do these early $6 movies more often. Especially if it's a movie like this one where I literally couldn't take my eyes of Daniel Day-Lewis. Give the man the Oscar now and let's be done with it. I cannot say enough good things about this movie.

After that I finally got my butt in gear and joined a new gym, paid a visit to Target and managed to get home in time to see the Colts lose and the G-men pull out a win over Dallas. A very productive day! And on top of that Enid is progressing very nicely. I'm doing the collar bind off now and then I plan on adding more length to the body before doing the hem and prepping for the steeks.