Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No more jokes about watching paint dry! I mean it!

The conference was a hit. I was not booed off stage. I received many compliments and think people were just being nice or perhaps grateful that I was not one of the 5 presentations that day devoted to Colonial Williamsburg. Anyway with that out of the way I feel like I can devote myself wholeheartedly to my knitting again.

I'll be steeking Enid tonight at Yarntopia. I'm very nervous and excited about that.

I saw Cloverfield on Friday and for the last 3.5 days I've felt like I should be running for my life instead of casually walking the streets. I had a realization that should a zombie invasion or monster attack occur in Manhattan, I am perfectly positioned to escape the carnage as long as I'm in my apartment when the catastrophe strikes. Thanks Inwood! I'm fairly sure the Cloisters won't be the first target. Although when I flee, I'll be sure to head north instead of crossing the river.

My office was not closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Instead we worked at City Hall, which was closed. And being there I was not able to share this fabulous op-ed piece from the Times by Sarah Vowell. I hope you enjoy it.

But most importantly, and I can't believe I didn't post this as the initial entry, my G-men pulled out another impressive victory. I cannot even express in words how excited I am. Especially since just prior to the game I received a voicemail from a certain Packer fan in my family consisting only of "PACK ATTACK!" I can't wait to make him eat his words (especially since I can name more of the players on their roster than he can ;) hehehe). I'm tearing up now just thinking about Eli and Feagles jumping for joy in the middle of the field. *sniff*