Thursday, July 12, 2007


Harry Potter? Loved it. I'm still exhausted from my 3 am evening tuesday night and I've already had a day to recover. By far the best of the movies IMO and considering I didn't particularly care for any of the previous ones you might think that's not saying much, but really, I thought it was delightful. (Or as delightful as an incredibly moody, dark movie based on a book I love that also happens to be incredibly moody and dark can possibly be). The 3-D stuff at the end? Wow. Audible gasps in the theater when that started. I think they finally managed to do justice to the book. But I'm still perplexed at the people who complain that so much was cut out and yet claim that movies 3 and 4 were great. Honestly??? Oh goodness I cannot wait for the 21st. This is torture! I've been spending pretty much my entire day at work trauling the HP fan sites (lexicon, TLC, QQQ, HP7, mugglenet) like a complete and utter freakshow. I really cannot continue to be this unproductive.

Not much progress on the sock unfortunately, I've been so neglectful although I did manage to do a few rounds while waiting for the movie to start. So that's something. :) I also managed to leave the pertinent page of the pattern somewhere so I'll have to reprint from Knitty. Although I just came across some toe-up sock stuff in the Summer 07 Interweave Knits that makes me wish I had used their pattern. Oh well. First sock just means that there can be many more socks to come!