Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The knee socks are done with some very shoddy pics.

Heavily modified from the plain Widdershins pattern on Knitty.

Here they are in progress. Note the difference in the striping on the feet. I was in the process of reworking the calf increases on the first sock and couldn't believe how different the stripes were turning out. Don't really care for the way the color pools on the shin of the sock on the right, but I think it adds a little something different and didn't particularly want to redo them again!

Twinkle toes (on a very dusty mirror).

I'm planning on wearing these with my knee high boots so the stripes don't really bother me terribly. It was more an experiment in doing my first pair of socks, and on that note I think they were a resounding success. Yay socks!

(Edit: Good Lord, my calves look massive)