Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bed Bug Crisis of '07 Continues

Exterminator is due to come Friday. I am still totally skeeved being in my apartment, or rather anywhere near the living room. My favorite comfy couch is currently the domain of the roommate who has the infestation. And last night it was discovered that the couch is now infested. In addition, saw two in the bathroom. Thus far none have made the trek to my end of the apartment But they still have 2.5 days to migrate so I'm not terribly hopeful.

Almost all of my clothing is cleaned and bagged. I even bagged the stuff I'm bringing on vacation next week just in case. My yarn is all stored in ziploc bags inside a rubbermaid container that will then be placed in a heavy duty lawn and garden trash bag (I don't want to risk contamination of the yarn by chemicals). Tonight after my bro's NYPD graduation thing (he says it's not a real graduation, I say Nay!) I plan on tackling my book shelves and vacuuming. I am not happy. Not happy at all.

But oh look here is the makings of a sock! (Yarn Harlot has convinced me that looking at yarn will make anything better)