Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yarn therapy

I've been having a really difficult time at work recently. Things pretty much came to a head on Friday when I just got pushed so far that I just couldn't take any more and snapped at the office manager when she was being typically stupid and difficult. She started yelling at me and I told her to grow up. Her rejoinder? "Why don't you grow up!" I think we were about to descend into an abyss of I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I's before I opted to take myself out of the equation, pack up my things and get the heck out of there. At first I thought I would go to Starbucks, sit and have an iced tea, and wait for my ride to the beach house. Then I had a brilliant idea once I reached the pavement. I would walk around the corner to School Products and hope against all hope that they would still be open so I could get something soft and beautiful and new to knit (nevermind the half finished sweater in my bag). Sure enough, I made it with 30 minutes to peruse.

And what lovely things I had to tempt me when I got there! I wandered around for a bit, being very indecisive but really knowing deep down what I was about to do. I've had socks in my head for weeks now, and socks were what my brain and my hands were demanding I knit. So there was not much left for me to do than to buy sock yarn. And what lovely sock yarn it is! If there is anything that will make the stress of a horrible day go away this was it. I spent the next hour in a Starbucks near Penn Station with my iced tea/lemonade winding a skein into a ball. A happier hour was never spent and on top of that I had the prospect of beautiful beach weather all weekend.

Unfortunately my bliss was not to last. I was unfortunately involved in a minor fenderbender on Monday morning with a van I had rented for a work project involving the repair of some cemetery stones. Long story short, I'm going to be held responsible for this and my insurance will be a fiasco I'm sure. Then I had to still drive out to Long Island for three days of work on the project from hell with my boss and two coworkers.

I hate this project with a passion. I think it's a waste of time and labor and in the end will look so bad that the clients will not be happy which means the job will continue to drag on until they are appeased. And my boss talks a good game but has poor mechanical skills when it comes to this type of work and her repairs are the only ones I have had to redo because they keep failing. This project is cursed as far as I'm concerned from beginning to end and I feel like my only way to escape is by finding a new job.

Hopefully knitting on the koigu tonight will make me feel better. I can only hope the bed bugs don't get to it before I do. ICK! (Exterminator not coming until next Friday. I'm off to buy large ziploc bags to store my precious yarn)