Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation... all I ever wanted

That's right, I'm off this afternoon for 8 blissful days of vacation at the beach house. I have a jam packed lineup of sunbathing, swimming, knitting, reading, eating, and drinking planned. I'm going to be bringing my bike and hopefully will get to pay a visit to Island Knits in Beach Haven. Will have lots of pictures of beach scenery and knitting when I return! Hopefully a FO will be in attendance but I'm not going to hold my breath.

My brother's now officially a police officer with the NYPD (Gosh, he still looks so young to me. Far too young to be out there "serving and protecting"). It turned out being an incredibly small graduation class. And while I generally like Mayor Bloomberg very much, I would think that if he wants to continue the trend of lower crime in New York City, he might consider paying recruits a bit more so that they can actually afford to live here as they are required to do.

The graduation itself was quite an event. I was especially moved by the NYPD Emerald Society's Pipe and Drum Corps. when they performed a medley of the various military songs and graduates who were members of the army, navy, marines, etc. stood when their respective songs were played. Even for someone who is generally as cynical as I am, it was quite something.

In other news, the exterminators should be doing their thang at my apartment this very moment. I cannot wait until this fiasco is over. As of this moment, having my own place sounds like a fantastic idea, but coming back to a bug free apartment will suffice for the time being.