Monday, June 11, 2007


So I just arrived home at my apartment to discover a note from one of the roommates on the kitchen table. Turns out she's got bed bugs, which may explain why she was asleep on the couch this morning when I woke up.

Is it wrong/odd/whatever that my first concern was "Crap, will they infest my knitting???" So I did a cursory scouring of my room and have not located any signs of the wee beasties but I am still getting those creepy crawly sensations. Ick.

In other news, I (like so many people) was disappointed with the ending of The Sopranos. As a North Jersey girl, I enjoy the show for many reasons but mostly the glimpses of the familiar landmarks and the fantastic characters and writing. But, really, David Chase? That's the best you can do? Some great one liners though helped redeem the episode from its appalling "ending" and the way Phil got whacked totally made my night. Too bad it was all sound and fury signifying nothing, in the end.

Thank goodness the folks at Scholastic decided to make my day and release the cover art for the deluxe edition HP7. How very "Neverending Story."

And now it's time to take my bed bug free knitting and get to work. Looking for new project ideas. I'm considering socks. But I also have yarn in my stash that is destined for this bad boy. But I'm getting pretty sick of cables right now so I feel like I'd like something else.