Friday, June 22, 2007

Something that will be taking up valuable knitting time

I found out recently that my paper was selected for presentation at an architectural paint research conference in January. In the interest of full disclosure I have to say that a) I am on the planning committee, b) my boss is the head of the committee, c) the paper stems mostly from my master's thesis, and d) my boss was my thesis advisor. However, I had nothing to do with my paper being selected. We were not allowed to read papers in the category for which we submitted and I personally think my paper was excellent when compared with some of the submissions in the category I was reading for. Other Knitting Jen(n) was also selected to present on Tiffany's painted finishes. Pretty freakin cool.

So I will get to spend some quality time in the Avery Library Rare Books Room checking out some period paint catalogs. And then in January, I will be presenting in front of approximately 200 paint researchers and published in a real live book that comes out of this conference. Fun, eh?