Thursday, August 23, 2007

Celebs and stuff

An e-mail from my friend Kris:
From this month's Maxim, an interview with our gal...

Interviewer: Besides angry letters from producers, what pisses you off?
Lin-lo: One pet peeve- a Lindsay rule- is no denim on denim.

Her second biggest pet peeve, you might ask? Lying. Yes, that's right,
denim on denim beat out lying. This leads me to believe that crazy drunken
car chases didn't even break the top ten.

Apparently LinLo and I share some pet peeves. Who knew? Gosh but just when I think my day is going down the tubes, I can always depend on a humorous LinLo story to make me feel like, wow, maybe my life isn't so bad after all!

But no amount of celebrity hijinks can make me less aprehensive about Big Red. Um... because I haven't blocked any of my pieces. And since I spent this afternoon reading about blocking and finishing techniques rather than doing work, it's changed my mood quite a bit as far as the projected success of this project is concerned. So yes, lots of blocking fun will be on the menu for this evening's activities. This should be interesting.

Oh and... I am supposed to make some zucchini bread with the MONSTROUS zucchini currently sitting on my kitchen table.

How will I have time for ANY of this???