Monday, August 6, 2007

Duster Update

I finished the back panel of the duster this weekend as well as the right and left front panels. I had big plans of casting on the first sleeve this morning on the train. Unfortunately it was not to be. I neglected to pack my needles! I can't believe I remembered my notions bag and didn't remember my needles. Ugh. I will be making a stop at lunch today to buy some new ones because I have far too much subway knitting time ahead of me today and brought nothing to read since I thought I would be knitting instead. Still totally loving this pattern, too bad the Cascade is causing me problems. Now I've noticed thatI have a pinkish tinge on my fingertips and nails so I'm really hoping the yarn is going to be colorfast when I block the finished product. I will be really upset if I get this project finished only to have it look like crap because the yarn started misbehaving.

Update: Apparently it's just excess dye? Apparently I can rinse the yarn w/ vinegar or something and it'll stop? (Pink) fingers crossed.

Also, bought some size 9 circs en route to the subway from Design Partners. Bless them. Have about 8 inches of sleeve completed. Looking forward to the subway ride home.