Thursday, August 9, 2007

Great day for knitting

So yesterday's rain-induced commute fiasco had one major benefit: I got a whole lot done on the Tilted Duster. I spent 2.5 hours going from Dyckman Street (the equivalent of 200th Street) to 96th Street. Someone fainted on my train while we were stopped between stations because people were crammed in so tightly. Luckily, I had a seat. More luckily, the train was air conditioned.

In that span of 2.5 hours, I knit a sleeve and started on the second for the duster. Then I made the mistake of getting off at 96th when were told the 1 train was running normally. An hour later I showed up at work hot, sweaty, and unbelievably cranky.

Thankfully this morning's commute was lovely in comparison and there was still much knitting on the train.

I've been spending so much time here recently. After gmail, it's the first website I open when I get in to work and I flip over there so often and just browse around that I must seriously be completely useless as an employee.

I find that I spend a lot of time reading the forums for the various groups I've joined, which is nice, but I'm really starting to explore a lot of the different yarns and trying to get a feel for some of the ways that the yarns I like are being put to use. It also helps that when I have stuff in my stash without any clear purpose, I can search for that yarn and see what other knitters have made with it. It's such a great source of inspiration.

My favorite feature thus far has to be the project queue. I need to organize mine a bit better and fill in more details, but just the fact that I have an actual list with pictures and details all in one place is the most amazing and wonderful thing. I love that I'm quickly linked to other people who have done the project and can get their thoughts on what went right and (often, more importantly) what went wrong.