Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oops... I did it again

I can't stand Britney Spears, but girlfriend's got a point. Last night in my infinite wisdom and rush to get out of the office so I could a) buy jeans and b) attach the sleeves to Big Red, I managed to leave my keys at work again. How does she do it you say? Oh, just by being unbelieveably disorganized. It's hard work, let me tell you, keeping this desk as messy as it is.

My desk in better days... actually, now my raving loon of an office manager's desk, but let's not split hairs over this.

So by the time I located my non-bedbug-infested roommate on the UES (I hate going to the UES!), got her keys, and went back up to Inwood it was 9:30, just enough time to seam one sleeve and get it partially attached before I collapsed from exhuastion. I plan on getting home at a decent hour tonight (keys in hand) so I can get this bad boy finished. Then I'm taking a three-day-weekend to enjoy my last beach house weekend so I hope that'll take care of the exhaustion factor. But hey, at least I overpaid for not-so-great Gap jeans!

Tomorrow I hope to have a lovely FO pic as well as some progress shots on Lady Eleanor and the My So-Called Scarf. I'm finding both of these really fun to knit although I'm finding that picking up stitches on Lady E is a little difficult with the Patons yarn. It's such a strange yarn (I feel like I'm knitting with really fine hair... creepy), but I like it and the colors are great. Entrelac is fun :)

I'm going to be giving serious thought to Christmas gift projects this weekend. I feel like I've been really bad about strategizing, and I've noticed that I seem to be making an awful lot of stuff for myself. But really now, at least I know the person who is getting the stuff is going to appreciate how much effort was put in!