Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Next project

I know what you're thinking. But I swear, I will finish Big Red first. I'm having too much fun knitting it to leave it unattended for long. I was actually a little annoyed that I couldn't get a seat on the way to the Yankee game last night (woo!) so that I could annoy my bro with my knitting on a big red thing. I also figured that knitting in red at Yankee Stadium is not a very good idea. :) But if there could be no knitting, at least there was a Yankee victory. An awesome game with some really awesome (Way to go, Joba!) and really atrocious pitching (I'm talking to you, Ron Villone!) with an awesome 9th inning (Yay Melky and Derek!).

But where was I... right, new project. Say hi to Lady Eleanor:

(pic from Scarf Style by Pam Allen. Pattern by Kathleen Power Johnson)

Thanks to the Ravelry project gallery, I've decided to use the Patons Soy Wool Stripes in Natural Earth. I really love the jewel-toned look of the stole in this colorway, but believe me it did take quite a while to make a decision. So I have ordered the yarn and it will be making its way to me shortly. Hopefully it'll show up just as I've finished Big Red and am itching for a new big project. I can't wait to try out some entrelac.

And, ok, I'm not being completely truthful here. I have 2 new projects I'm planning on starting in the near future. But one is really because I am going to be in need of a smaller, subway knitting project. So I'm planning on using up my remaining LL Shepherd Worsted in Icehouse to make the My So-Called Scarf. That'll be a lot of cold weather gear in Icehouse, but it is such a fantastic colorway that I don't mind. I'll just be sure not to wear the gloves, the beret, and the scarf all at once. That would be an unfortunate fashion decision, not unlike wearing denim on denim.

Knitting Jenn in DC also happened to cast this on yesterday so with her input and advice I'll be able to get this done quickly. (Knitting Jenn in DC, you seriously need a blog so I can link to you. Your ravelry ID will have to do, I guess).

Also Yankees-related, Peter Max "honored" Alex Rodriguez with 2 portraits and a sculpture last night. Um... interesting. He also managed to knock the sculpture to the ground. That drew a laugh. I don't think Alex knew what to do with himself.

Pics added to post below to show my fabulous finishing techniques!